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Ard of Heavy Metal chops off his own head in order to show Den that he can't be killed (at least through normal means).
Not because it's gruesome, but because donor organs can save more lives if they're distributed among many transplant patients, rather than the whole body being used to aid one.
Of course, he could do anything.
The legend says that his head was cut completely or almost completely off and still was able to fight.
In the Larry episode of Teen Titans Fractured Starfire briefly gets little wings grown on her head, and she needs to hold onto her head to avoid it flying away.The Legend of Zelda : In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, the boss monster Jermafenser/Helmethead will lose several helmet-covered heads that proceed to float and attack Link independently of the body.Kryten has multiple spare heads on a shelf that argue with one another.Somehow he managed to keep yelling at people for several minutes after being decapitated, before he was put in a jar.Though it's stated that his electronic brain is in his chest and not his head, which is just for talking, hearing, and sight.It's probably not a coincidence that many of cephalophoric saints (like the three aforementioned) come from Celtic or formerly Celtic lands like Gaul and Britain: Celtic myths have several examples of gods, heroes or giants whose heads continue to talk, drink or recite poems after.In the first episode of Xenosaga, the functionally immortal Dragon Albedo is left in charge of a young hostage.Dragon's Crown : Skeleton enemies will lose their head if you damage them enough but they will still fight in this state.Every time his head begins to spoil, he carves out a new head for himself.Morte, a floating skull and the resident Deadpan Snarker of Planescape: Torment.

Chronologically, this is how Genma gets introduced in Ninja Scroll, his head gets chopped off.
He can still speak, as it seems the sound comes from the blood seal that's in the armor's body, which seems to indicate star market gift card promotion his head is essentially decorative.
One of them says that he has counted the river bends they passed.Shadrach decapitates the meerkat Salvador in order to render him harmless and portable, and renames him "John the Baptist".The woman who becomes The Chosen One of Satan has her head cut off.The Christian martyrology has Saint Denis (Bishop of Paris, executed by pagan Romans during the Imperial prosecutions) and Saint Solange ( Mysterious Waif murdered by a nobelman who tried to abduct her).Link must carry his skull so the Piratian can help locate the bell his Captain was looking for.Mysterio projects an illusion of himself performing such an ability in various Spider-Man comics.Both the head and body can function on their own.The giant Bolloggs from Walter Moers ' Zamonia novels are unique in Zamonia in that they can survive without their heads; once they reach a certain height they tend to discard their heads and then go off on wanderings looking for the same heads they.


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