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Marches FOR orch/wangner (LP) merc 394 N- VA387 francescatti beeth: sonatas CBS 42528 N- VA290 fruhbeck DE burgos orff: carmina burana EMI 69060 N- VA286 fruhbeck DE burgos falla: 3 cornered HAT, ETC EMI 90372 N- VA304 hanson howard moore, carpenter, rogers plus (LP) merc.
DJ coral 64062 V 4199 sosnik harry symphonie moderne SOL DEC 4068 N- T536 sound effects applause/machine guns major 4003 E- T537 sound effects laughter-crowd/confusion voices major 5002 E- J342 sound effects street piano hurdy gurdy/calliope major 5013 E- F111 sound effects bugle calls #1.
Choir messiah 2 CD CBS 607 N- VA373 murray michael/ling dupre: SYM IN G/rheinberger:organ telarc 80136 N- VA451 musical masterpiece mozart: booklet CD IM 3 N- VA439 nitty gritty dirt will circle BE unbroken 6 disc SET EMI 91400 N- VA291 oistrakh mozart: violin conc.Blues SOL MGM 10962 N- VY573 hughes marjorie dearie/HO HUM ITS spring WOL COL 38718 V VW730 hunt jack they tell ME ITS wrong/loveet CAP(DJ)2533 N- VJ011 hunt PEE WEE OH!/SAN CAP 2442 E- V1994 hunt PEE WEE sunny side OF street regent 139.HA rrison- when your gonont forg VIC BW 18705 N- VY564 peerless quartet sahara rose/ID like TO fall AS SOL aeoln 14059 V V1862 peerless quartet everybody lovehicken hatbeastco discount code VIC 17286 E VJ056 peterson MAY carry ME BCK 2 OLD virginy/BLK JOE VOC 60000 V V1802.DEC 24705 N- J054 andrews sisters stars arewindows OF heaven/jollec 24965 E- C898 anthony harrison valley OF peace VIC 16853 V C225 anthony RAY eleanor/MY prayer DJ CAP 1438 N- C150 anthony RAY make believe dreams/loaded love CAP 2194 N- 3725 applewhite charlie ALL/this.Marine band OLD comrades edison 1766 N- F264 VAN brunt dont bite hand that feeds YOU edison 2948 N- F322 VAN brunt shade OF OLD apple tree edison 3206 E F306 venetian instr.F316 oakland will when YOU I were young maggie edison 1873 N- F304 oakland wilother always waiting YOU edison 2030 N- F281 oakland will take YOU home again kathleen edison 2103 N- F324 porter meeker flanagan harrigan-vaudeville edison 289 E F318 premier quartet green grass.That aint right/I DIG girls CO calla 125 E- V2357 jackson janet whehink OF YOU AM 2855 N- VH991 jackson jermaine lets GET serious SOL motwn 1469 E VK123 jackson joant GET what YOU want W/PC AM 2628 N- VE049 jackson M/mccartney SAY SAY SAY.2 N- 6444 philadelphia symph hungarian dance.Killing ME softly W/PC WB 27772 N- VH940 sure.Onlun shower/dancing tambourn edison 52094 N- J457 rolfe.A./duke YEL lman-maybe ILL baby U/still lovdison 52202 V J465 russian balaika ENS shiny moon/volga boatmans song edison 80619 V- 3998 scanlan W/tillerin youre wearin/BY sapphire SEA edison 50967 N- J518 scanlan walter/jamoherty-wheas dandy U (CE) edison.Hook cover OF rolling stone/queen OOL 45732 E VK201 drake charlie MY boomerang wont come back UA 398 E VE428 drake pete forever/midnight AT armarillo CO smash 1888 N- VL537 drake pete forever/midnight IN amarilla smash 1888 N- VL618 drake pete forever/midnight IN amarilla smash.QT away from THE blarney/emalina MIC BW 18377 E- 5094 peerless/criterion MY swanee home/MY GAL SAL VIC BW 18905 E J446 peerless/trinity QT tell mother ILL BE there/sometime VIC BW 19877 E E366 pepper wilinkys patrol banjo solo COL 25732 V- F035 perrys HOT dogs/SAM.

Trio-white wings/dothey think ofme VIC BW 16355 N- V1947 olsen george LET ME call YOU sweetheart majes 7215 E- VY591 olsen george romance/after million dreams WOL VIC 22248 V VW857 orchesterina tipica siciliana: LA bella tirolese COL F14994 N- V1720 organista 1 choir szczesliwego nowego.
DJ RCA 5007 N- 4444 monroe vaughnow FOR sure/fiesta WRL DJ RCA 5480 N- 6392 monroe vaughn corp told private/worth fighting 1 N- JJ12 montana slim thinking tonight OF blue eyes BB 9032 N- D112 montana slim later than YOU think/knot IN larit RCA 2766.
Dixieland five tiger RAG/skeleton jangle HMV 8642 N- J630 orig.Greatest hitolydr 6156 N- V1044 mccall CW black bear road sealed MGM 5008 M V1043 mccall CW wilderness polydr 6069 N- VH768 mcclain charly women GET lonelos/WOC epic 36408 N- VH765 mcclain charly surround ME with lovoc epic 37108 N- VH766 mcclain charly TOO good.Love imall town BMG 2365 N- VA082 oslin.T.Good for fill-in until a better copy turns.Blues COL A2877 E- E483 williams berant TO know where tosti went COL A3305 N- F097 williams bert want 2 know where tosti went/getup COL A3305 V X287 williams bert EVE cost adam just ONE bone COL A3339 N- D136 williams bert unexpectedly/brother LOW down.Worlds/NO ONE dear RCA 6094 N- VL204 johnnie jack look OUT/SO lonely baby RCA 6203 N- VE976 johnnie JOE kingdom OF love* DOL ambient 03410 N- VE147 johnny conquet sext OLD devil moon/OUT OF DJ SOL epic 9072 N- VY285 johnson marv come TO ME/whisper.Pearl 14 N- VW637 vincent larry 3000 years AGO/SHE came rollin DWN pearl 54 V VW631 violin, flute,harp trio- herd girls dream slvrtn 3908 V VY592 virginians/great WH teddy bear blues/IM ALL alone TOL VIC 18992 V VD186 vocal chorus carolina moon/talk about heaven radiex.

The records will be shipped to you when your payment is received.
1 B/W 1937 N- VA516 autry gene springtime IN THE rockies B/W 1937 M VA515 autry gene RIM OF THE canyon B/W 1949 N- VA512 basketball accs greatest finishes 1993 N- VA626 benjis very OWN CH ristmas story 1978 N- VA486 boiling point hoot gibson.


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