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Prize pool calculator

In addition to this, you need a little bit of code.
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In a poker tournament there are Y players, each of whom contributes x to the prize pool.
I've not seen any attempt at publicly circulating one in advance for the wsop.
(Edit) PS- You may need to crank your maximum iterations for Goal Seek to find the solution.Serty, 07:54 PM #.This may help in the application I am making now.Maybe the following examples will help: (table removed) Note that the key formula is in cell B8 (for Tournament #1, and F8 for Tournament #2).Maybe the following examples will help: HtmlMaker.42 To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or vail valley anglers coupon code click the Name box please DO NOT" this table image ON same page!Is there a formula I can use to generate the series or the percentage for each of the Z players?

Code: Sub worksheet_change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim rng As Range Set rng tersect(Target, Range B1:B4 If rng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub If Range.Value Range.Value * Range.Value Then Range.Value Range.Value * Range.Value MsgBox "Top Prize has been chaged.
This additional amount being added to the prize pool by the casino in order to meet the guarantee is called an overlay.
It is: rate(B4,B6,0,-B5) This compounding rate is then used in cells B12:B20 to come up with the winnings for each place (cell B11 has the minimum winning amount for last place).
HTH, Tom May 15th, 2011, 08:30 PM #4 Re: Calculate Payout Schedule for a Poker Tournament Hey.Serty, 11:41 AM #.Im sure named ranges or Dim'ing variables in place of the ranges would make it easier to read.In other words, I would like the formula to handle 10 participants, or 18 participants, or 31 or 92, etc.For instance, I've noticed during the last wsop ME, that the distribution of prizes was significantly different from years past.However the basic pattern is that it pays 10 or 15 of people and that the prizes rise as the number of people sharing them decreases probably both in exponential fashion.Ana1*x(n-1) 3) Establish a mostly declining geometric sequence (up to a point that converges to 1) of the number of people wnIntegerPartmn getting the same prize say m1,m2,.mnm1*y(n-1)1 Now x 1 and y 1 such that possibly one can set xy1 Sum(ai*IntegerPartmi)S total prizes.Each higher finishing player will receive a uniformly increasingly greater amount of prize money.Only 21 more players in 2011, yet 1st place is significantly less than it was in 2008 despite it being the same event just 3 years later.Location: Stanford, CA USA Posts: 9,303 Re: Prize pool distribution formula?

HTH, Tom Tom, Thanks for that example!
This means the casino is guaranteeing a minimum size for the prize pool.


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