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The fatal gift of beauty

There are plenty of modern cosmetic practices that run the gamut from physically painful to medically risky.
Worth it, as long as you got the watery-eyed look of a consumptive.
But wait, there was another downsidebecause arsenic interferes iodine necessary discount tire store columbia sc for thyroid function, eating it gave people goiters.
The study authors felt that it was likely an orthopedic corset, but noted corset use to obtain a fashionable silhouette cannot be ruled out.Applying radioactive face cream, in the early 20th century, before anyone knew about the health risks of radiation, radioactive consumer products were all the rage.This one isnt limited to the distant past, either: Foot binding wasnt completely stamped out until Chinas Communist Revolution in 1949, and there are still living Chinese women who feet were bound as children.A version of this story ran in 2013.But the stylish undergarments were often laced so tightly that they restricted womens breathing.The best way to cover these pockmarks and other cosmetic imperfections was lead face powder, and both men and women took advantage.It's great stuffinexpensive and easy to make, coats well, and has a silky finish.The tapeworm eggs would supposedly hatch and take up residence in the intestine of their poor, plump host, consuming the nutrients that would otherwise be digested.

Check out these historic beauty practices that are even scarier than modern ones.
Using lead makeup The 1700s were rough on the complexion.
But most dont hold a candle to the hazardous cosmetic techniques of yore.
Chemical peels that burn layers of skin from your face.
Italian womenand later, women in Victorian Englandwould squeeze drops of deadly nightshade into their eyes to dilate their pupils griffith park run promo code for a striking, wide-eyed look they thought was seductive.This would keep the person malnourished and thin.Once you began eating arsenic regularly, though, if you ever stopped, youd suffer from painful withdrawal symptoms like vomiting and muscle spasms.Wearing corsets, you know what really turns men off?When women take deep breaths.


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